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Our School
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 School Motto:

Love and Modesty


 Seven Home Rules for Children:
  1. Children will greet their parents when they enter the house and tell their parents, “Good bye” when they leave.
  2. Children will always be respectful to their parents, teachers and elders.
  3. Children will be kind to their brothers and sisters.
  4. Children will keep the household neat and clean.
  5. Children will keep their appearance neat and clean at all times.
  6. Children will not interrupt adult conversations.
  7. Children shall follow the formula for straight A’s everyday!

 The Students Creed:
  1. I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth and/or physical health.
  2. I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.
  3. I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively, to help myself and my fellow man, and never to be abusive to others.

 Mental Training:
  1. Be loyal to our country.
  2. Be obedient to our parents.
  3. Be loving between husband and wife.
  4. Be cooperative between brothers and sisters.
  5. Be faithful between friends.
  6. Be respectful to our elders.
  7. Establish trust between teacher and myself
  8. Use good judgement before killing any living thing.
  9. Face opponents with courage.
  10. Always finish what you start.

 Students are expected to:
  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts.
  2. Keep uniforms neat and clean
  3. Quietly prepare for class.
  4. Show respect by bowing to flags and instructors when entering and leaving training grounds.
  5. Behave and do not disturb the class in session.
  6. Attend class on a regular and consistent schedule.
  7. Make arrangements with instructors for make-up classes.
  8. Show effort and team spirit during class.
  9. Practice and exercise at home.
  10. Develop and maintain a positive, and well-disciplined attitude.
  11. While free-sparring, the following mandatory protective gear must be worn: head gear, kicking boots, groin protector and mouth piece.

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